WATCH: John Lewis Accepts the 2012 Ridenhour Courage Prize

“One day in 1955, at the age of 15, I heard about Rosa Parks. I heard the words of MLK Jr. on the radio. I was deeply inspired to find a way to get into trouble. Good trouble. Necessary trouble.”
—John Lewis, accepting the Ridenhour Courage Prize in 2012.

Dr. Pamela McPherson, Dr. Scott Allen & Scott Shuchart

Win the 2019 Truth-Telling Prize

DHS whistleblowers who challenged family separation and child detention at the border.

Eliza Griswald

wins Ridenhour Book Prize for ‘Amity and Properity’

In a work rich with narrative suspense, Griswold tells the story of the energy boom’s impact on a small, impoverished town and one woman’s transformation from a struggling single parent to an unlikely activist. 

Alexandria Bombach

wins Ridenhour Documentary Prize for ‘On Her Shoulders’

Bombach’s documentary follows Nadia Murad, a 23-year-old Yazidi woman who survived genocide and sexual slavery committed by ISIS. Repeating her story to politicians and media, including at the United Nations, Murad was thrust onto the world stage as the voice of her people. 

George Soros wins Ridenhour Courage Prize

George Soros, who has dedicated his life to promoting the values of open society, human rights, and transparency around the world, is the 2019 recipient of The Ridenhour Courage Prize.

News from the Ridenhour Prizes

No End in Sight

What happens when immigrant-rights advocates reach a breaking point?

Millions of Americans are About to Lose Their Health Insurance in a Pandemic

Americans are about to learn something horrifying: how irrational it is for health insurance to be linked to your employment status.

Protect the Critical Role of the Whistleblower

Open Letter to Congress From Group of Former Intelligence Community Agency Inspectors General

Dozens Of Former National Security Officials Pen Letter Defending Ukraine Whistleblower

The letter, signed by 90 former officials, stressed the importance of protecting the whistleblower’s identity, The Wall Street Journal reported.

New memoir from Edward Snowden

Ridenhour winner Edward Snowden reveals how he helped to build the US government’s system of mass surveillance, and what motivated him to try to bring it down.

Five myths about whistleblowers

They’re not the same as “leakers” — and they don’t always go to the press, wrote Dana Gold in the Washington Post.